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Chassis: 4130 chrome moly chassis. Zappia Racing 4 link with Santhuff shocks.
Rear Wing: Aluminium.
Weight: 2700 lbs.
Wheelbase: 115".
Engine: TFX 515 Hemi.
Horsepower: 3,500 hp.
Maximum RPM: 10,000.
Fuel: Methanol.
Fuel Pump: Waterman mechanical alcohol pump.
Compression: 10:2 ratio.
Supercharger: PSI D Series screw blower
Cylinder Heads: Noonan Race Engineering heads.
Valves: Victory Titanium.
Camshaft: Crow Cams.
Crankshaft: Sonny Bryant.
Bearings: Clevite 77
Pistons, Piston Rings: CP Pistons
Connecting Rods: GRP
Ignition: 1 MSD 44 amp Magneto
Spark Plug Leads: MSD
Spark Plugs: Champion.
Exhaust Headers: Zappia Racing
Hoses & Fittings: Aeroquip and Hosemaster.
Component Coatings: CIC
Oil Pan: Mickey Williams Products
Lubricants: Fuchs
Oil Filter: External
Bell Housing: Titanium

Gearbox: B & J Racing Transmission 3 speed, with airshifter for gear changes.
Clutch: Bonifante
Differential: Mark Williams 11 Inch Modular.
Wheels: Front - 15 x 3; Rear - 16 x 16.
Tires: Front - Mickey Thompson 5 x 24 x 15; Rear - Mickey Thompson 16 x 17 x 34.5.
Safety Equipment: Dual 14ft parachutes help stop the vehicle with approximately 5 negative G-forces. Driver is protected from fire and accident with a Simpson five-point restraint system, fire-resistant gloves and firesuit, helmet, neck collar and arm restraints
Onboard Computer: Motec. Measures
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature (Probe in each exhaust header),
RPM - Engine Revolutions per Minute,
DRPM - Differential Revolutions per Minute,
MAP - Manifold Pressure (Blower boost),
Fuel PX - Fuel Pressure,
Oil PX - Engine Oil Pressure,
WOT - Wide Open Throttle switch.

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